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We recruit for our school throughout the calendar year. We invite students both during the school year and during holidays, when learning takes place more intensively. Before starting the regular teaching mode, each candidate of our school goes through a studio 0 in step 1 – a month-long diagnostic and introductory program. After qualifying for the appropriate project group, the student can start regular learning in a trimester-long thematic studio in step 2.

Step 1

A month-long diagnostic
and introductory program – studio 0

It consists of a psychological and pedagogical diagnosis, familiarizing the student with the concept of computer-aided design (CAD), and one of the mini-maker projects. The dates of the monthly diagnostic and introductory programs are spread symmetrically throughout the school year to allow students to join the school at any stage.

Step 2

Regular teaching mode:
the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th trimester-long studios

In one trimester, students take part in the program of one thematic studio. This is a comprehensive, 10-week educational design challenge. Each trimester-long study program is self-contained and independent from the other trimesters, which means that a student can join the school in any trimester. Each studio is an independent educational program, addressing separate issues.


990 ZŁ
STUDIO 1 one trimester
(one studio)
5940 ZŁ
SCHOOL YEAR three trimester-long
17820 ZŁ